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Become a partner with our youth leadership programs by donating to the foundation. Donors have the option of calling to set up an appointment, sending a check, or donating online by clicking on the DONATE button below:

Help Support Our Youth Programs

Donors also have the option to make a monthly contribution to the foundation. Once you click on the donate button on the screen, select 'Monthly (12 per year) ongoing payments'.


When using our site, be sure to leave your Donor Contact Info.

Donors can also donate by mail. Send all checks or money orders to our office at:


                                                   Nelson Resource Center

                                                   469 S. Washington St.

                                                   Ripley, TN 38063

Donated funds help the organization to maintain its monthly expenses. While it may be considered a modest amount, the impact is vital for the organization's day-to-day operations.

While some of our larger donors see their contributions in the form of sponsorships or capital gifts, all donors are greatly appreciated and play a huge part in the success of the organization.

Come and join us today and help a child secure a brighter future!

Prevention Alliance of Lauderdale County
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