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Kids Can Make A Difference

Kids, believe it or have the power to make a difference wherever you live or go to school. We all can bring happiness to others by simply enjoying our lives, having fun, and making the Right Choices.


If you are good at doing work at school and you know someone who is not so good, offer them your help and watch the difference that you can make in their world.


If you are around elderly people and they need help, take a few minutes to help them to the car or carry their groceries. 


At home you can help your parents out by cleaning your room, taking out the garbage, or washing dishes.

Educational Songs


Press "PLAY" on the video to the right to let your pre-schooler listen and learn educational songs.

Here are some other tips that you can use at school:


  • Always listen and do what is asked 

  • If other people are talking while adult are talking, remind them to pay attention

  • Run errands for you teacher

  • Help keep the classroom neat

  • Be kind to everyone

  • Be considerate of others people's feelings

  • Don't talk behind someone's back


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