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K-12 Digital Classroom

Digital Work Packets


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a complete shut down of our economy and school systems across the country. Although we may not know when our students will return to school, parents can still assit their children in learning by allowng their child to practice key skills.


Here you will find links to our new Digital Downloadable Packets that students can either copy on their own paper and work, or if you have access to a printer these worksheets can be printed & given to your child.

Click a 'Digital Download' that best fits your child's grade level:

High School Math/ELA

Click to use graphing calculator:

(New content uploaded each week)

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Family Fun Puzzles

& Activities


Week #1:   June 28 - July 2, 2021 

Week #2:    July 5 - 9, 2021

2021 Summer Camp Resources

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PSA - "Lauderdale co. tobacco free"


I know I can

I can be to-bac-co free

I know I can

I can be drug free.

I know I can

I can be to-bac-co free

I know I can

Be what I wanna be.


Hangin with my homeboys

Just seen my sillouhette,

My friends turn around

And try to pass me a cigarette.

I looked at him strange, and said

"You talking to me??

I can't be smoking up my life,

I'm gone free.


So he turned around,

Then he looked and said "sorry"

"I didn't really know that it could

Harm anybody"

Now you better take heed

On how we about to proceed,

How we living smoke free,

The good life in Tennessee!

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