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The Nelson Resource Center works to provide resources needed to improve education and community development.














The Nelson Resource Center is a new community learning and activity center located in Lauderdale County, TN. Using local resources, it’s mission is to help 'Build A Better Community' by supporting programs and events that help bring families and the community together, and to help provide programs and resources that help improve education throughout the county.

A successful community requires both learning and social development. To help our community grow, our organization is dedicated to creating opportunities for family/community involvement and educational growth. We provide a meeting place where families can gather together while also promoting awareness of education and career development opportunities.

Family Resources

2016-2017 Afterschool Program

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​​Our afterschool program will feature homework help, help with reading, snacks, interactive social activities, games, and more.

Need Help wIth College Enrollment?

Coming Spring 2017


During the Spring 2017 we will sponsor sessions to assist individuals with college enrollment.

Career Development

Coming Spring 2017

Finding the right career can be difficult for some individuals. Let us help you narrow down your choices and give you insight on how to improve your resume.

Online Programs

Call Us:


469 S. Washington St.

Ripley, TN 38063

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