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Facility Rental Services

We currently rent our facilities for family events, kid birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, etc. All revenue from facility rentals are used to support our educational programs.      Call today for rental rates and available dates: 731-612-9402

Host Your Next Event
Facility Features

- Spacious Event Room

- PA/Sound System

- Bathroom

- Tables/Chairs

- Full Kitchen 

- Satellite TV Service

- WiFi

Exterior Features

- Spacious Parking Lot

- Private backyard area that is

   secured by a fence on all sides.

- Patio deck in backyard area

- Barbecue grills

- Safe environment for kids and


- Located right off of the loop coming 

  from Hwy 19 and 51

Rental Policy
-Clients have full access to building all day
-Clients are required to clean up immediately after event
-Clients are responsible for providing their own toiletries, paper towels, etc.
-A minimum of $75 deposit is required to hold date
-Remaining balance is due before client can gain access to building
-Payments are non-refundable. If there is reason that client cannot hold event on agreed
  upon date. Director may allow client to use payment towards another available date.
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