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The Nelson Resource Center is committed to research on STEM initiatives involving Science, Technology, and Engineering. Operating from a rural area, we believe that coding is a great way to introduce computer science to students and engage their interests in STEM initiatives as well as other areas of academics.

Our team works with students in our After School Programs to provide training sessions and create opportunities for projects and STEM activities. Feel free to watch the videos posted and learn more about these developing initiatives.

You can also visit these sites for more information:

STEM & Coding

3D Printing Technology is becoming a popular way for students to explore STEM technology. This new advancement allows for the creation of objects and parts through manufacturing at lower rates than normal.

With 3D printing, designers at any level can bring CAD files along with engineering designs and ideas to life directly from your computer. Visit for creative ideas and interactive lessons using 3D printers.

3D Printing Technology

Computer Science

STEM In Early Grades

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