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The Nelson Resource Center's mission is to unite families of the community through various activities and events. We strive to educate and equip community members with the resources that they need to build stronger family ties and rebuild the local economy through fellowship and exchange of information and ideas. 


The vision of the organization is to be the driving force of community development in the Mid-South. 


We currently rent our facilities for family events, kid birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, etc. Call today for information on prices and availability.


Johnny Nelson


Johnny L. Nelson is an educator, publisher, musician, & community organizer from the Memphis and Mid-South region who shares a vision of growth and development of families in the community. He recently graduated with a

from Bethel's Instructional Leadership & Administration Program and is licensed in School Adminstration. He also holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the 

University of Memphis, a Graduate Certificate in Intructional Design & Technology

from the University of Memphis, a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Kaplan University, and an Associate's Degree in Business & Finance from Soutwest TN Community College College in Memphis, TN.


To further his knowledge and skills in administration, he is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Public Adminsitration and Non-Profit Management at the University of Memphis. Mr. Nelson is an advocate for education & believes that all can achieve.

Our Offerings
  • Afterschool Care

  • Tutoring

  • Summer Enrichment Program

  • ACT Training

  • Parent/Teacher Educational Resources (Website)

  • Family Events/Facility Rental

  • Youth Events

Our Mission

Our mission at t he Nelson Resource Center is to help 'Build A Better Community' by supporting programs and events that help bring families and the community together, and to help provide programs and resources that help improve education throughout the county.

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